Thursday, March 14, 2013


One of my biggest goals this year is to put some time and love into making my house the coziest, happiest, most comfortable place ever.  I am almost embarrassed to say that I have owned this house for coming up on two years now and I have hardly done anything noteworthy to it.  Well, I take that was all those really important things that you will never see that we had to spend the time and money on first. The plumbing, new dry wall in my office, fixing the majority of the windows due to termite damage from before I moved in, the exterior is in the process of a facelift, etc.  All completely necessary but not the fun stuff.  So right after Christmas, I went nuts and painted everything white.  I painted a black accent wall in the entry way and a few old side tables got painted black as well.  I love vintage and antiques but was scared that my house would turn into a total pastel / candy land / grandma house. I have found that the black and white is the perfect mix of keeping the old treasures I love while incorporating new modern pieces. It's always been hard for me to decide on a favorite color, or even a scheme.  I think the black and white will allow me to collect all the weird fun things I love and switch them out depending on my mood or seasonally.  So now I'm looking forward to collecting all those little things that will make this house feel like me.  And make it a cozy place for us and for hopefully more entertaining! 


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