Friday, March 15, 2013


The past week via instagram
1.  Spring is in the air! I picked up some flowers from the farmers market and I can't wait to do a little spring gardening. (photo 1)
2. Find of the century, these antlers! Only $25 at a local market.  Excited to add them to my gallery wall. (photo 2)
3.  Date nights.  We've both been so busy lately.  This week we made it a point to do some fun things together before Hunter started a new job.  We went out for beers and pool one night, went canoeing / fishing, and he made homemade vegetarian spagetti with tofu.  It was amazing. (photos 3-6)
4.  Favorite TV shows accompanied by ice cream from Shake Pit.  I have been getting bubble gum with sprinkles lately.  I am a toddler. (photo 7)
5.  Wrapping up a few big projects feels so good and sketching all the new ideas I have is even better! (photo 9)

Happy, Happy Friday friends! 

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