Friday, January 18, 2013


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1. Healthy Living & New Recipes
 Really challenging myself to make exercise part of my routine and treat it like it is another task that must be accomplished before the end of the day.  I also want to juice regularly and try more exciting vegan recipes.  I stuck to it this week, I feel so accomplished and its truly making me happy to do the right thing when it comes to health. I have always enjoyed health foods and been a vegetarian most of my life but man I love sweets and carbs! We've decided to implement a "splurge day" (saturday or sunday) when we can go get our favorite ice cream and not feel guilty...something to look forward to each week!

2. New Projects
If feels good to work on projects that make me really proud. I finished this invitation suite for an incredibly sweet bride and my Valentine collection this week.  I'm in love with both projects!

3. Little Indulgences 
Having fresh flowers in the house in a must.  Even if they are just a small bouquet from the grocery store, they brighten up a room and I love them.  Baking is one of my favorite hobbies, but I like giving them away best.

4. Home Makeovers
I finished painting my entire house white this past week (with an awesome black accent wall) and now I'm having fun rearranging, rehanging, and moving everything around.  I'm taking my time and looking for new things I really love.  I work from home, I want it to be the most inspiring, cozy, "happy place" I have.

5. Furry People
These two are very interested in everything I do. We have another cat as well but she minds her business and looks out the window most of the day. Twiggy and Country are always watching me and waiting until my hands are freed from the keyboard to get a nice pet.  Endearing, really. And adorable.

On a side note; I am quite fond of the blogs I read who participate in a weekly roundup of their "happy things".  I think it's important to always appreciate how many blessings we have.  Being an artist and photographer has helped me to look at "ordinary" things differently. There is beauty and art everywhere. It surrounds us always, we just have to take the time to notice it and appreciate it.  To not just look but to really see what is there.  I can get discouraged easily sometimes, but really I have so much to be thankful for and I don't ever want to overlook that.  I think this practice will be good for me.  For anyone.  Even if you don't blog, I recommend writing these things down in a journal or something. When you're feeling down, you can look back and read/remember all the great things about your life and remind yourself to go do those things that make you happy!  Have a sweet weekend friends, xo

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