Friday, December 7, 2012


 Start by gathering your supplies; card stock, paper cutter (or scissors), double sided tape and/or washi tape, paint, brushes, and pencil.  Grab anything else you want to use to put your own twist on this project.  I added red tags and fun black and white push pins. 

 I started by cutting my card stock into squares of the same size.  I lined them up on my background (below) and measured to make sure they would all fit. 
 I painted a square piece of wood with black chalkboard paint in case I wanted to write directly on the board.  You could also use poster board rather than wood or anything that is sturdy really. 
 I painted my numbers on the squares of card stock with different colors of paint.  If you want to make this in less time, you could type the numbers and print them before cutting! 
 I then painted a title and laid out my numbers how I wanted them.  I used double sided tape to stick them on the board putting a piece at the very top so they will fold up (your message will go underneath so allow some room).

 You could keep it plain and simple and just use it to tear away each day as you count down to Christmas or...
 I added an "I am thankful for" sign.  Rather than giving a gift to countdown, we have challenged ourselves to write something that we are thankful for / makes us happy about each other each day.  Hunter and I were just talking about how some days (even a full week) goes by and we feel like we haven't even had a real conversation or asked each other how we are doing.  Sad, I know but we have both been so busy with work, dealing with family things, and on completely different schedules.  I don't want days to pass by without saying I love you or thank you or I appreciate you. So hopefully writing it  down if I can't always say it will make up for the days when there are only quick hi's and bye's.  Sometimes it's the simple things.

'Tis the season.

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