Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Hello! I have been slow to catch up on the blog this month but I have some sort of okay excuses:

  Client work has been at it's busiest as I work with brides for spring weddings. I've got some stylish, design loving gals right now and I couldn't be more excited about making their wedding stationery visions come to life. Plus a few other interesting client projects I'll be sharing soon.  

I am also finalizing the last bit of designs I will be showing at NSS in May.  I am so excited to get everything I've been working on to the printer and see the final products.  The above photos are some greeting cards in progress. Then the fun part of shooting a wholesale catalog is one of the biggest things I have left to do.  This will be fun for me to style, play with flowers, and shoot myself. Can't wait to share some sneaks when that gets underway next month.  

AND I decided to move my business out the house (finally!) and into my first official studio space. The last photo is from painting the walls in the new space this past weekend and a little sliver of my view of our downtown area.  I seriously can't believe this is happening.  We have some more work to do before I can officially move in (ya know, since I wanted everything to be all white. lol).  So many mixed emotions about this next step.  Growing is scary but I am so thankful it's happening. 

You guys are wonderful, all the nice words on social media about my Hallmark collab was overwhelming.  Big thanks and XO's. 


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  2. I really love this post! What types of art would you say you specialize in?

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of exciting stuff going on in your life! I really love your work here, that floral pattern is particularly pretty.

  4. Beautiful work. Good luck with your new studio.

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