Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I am so excited to be a part of Etsy Wholesale.  I know I recently posted about this on instagram but I wanted to share a bit more about it on here.  I clearly love the community that is Etsy, so when I found out about the wholesale division I was pretty eager to become involved.  I think it's genius that any shop owner can make wholesale purchases through etsy.  It feels trustworthy and safe for both parties.  Plus the line sheets can be public, so as the buyer you can see prices and know if they will be suitable for you before contacting the maker.  As the seller, I love it because all my listing that were already active could easily be added to my line sheet and etsy automatically calculated the pricing for me.  After my application got approved, It was under an hour to publish my sheet and add the listings I wanted to offer for wholesale. Amazing! 

So my friends, this being said, all of my prints and stationery items are now available for wholesale! If you are a shop or know of a shop that would be interested in carrying my paper goods please feel free to get in touch through my shop  (or tag on instagram, @shannonkirsten).  

These are a few of my new card designs that are newly listed, can't wait to share more soon. I am stoked about growing my stationery line, for so long I've wanted to add more products and they are finally starting to come to life.  Thank you for following along on this journey!  



  1. Well, isn't that convenient? This will surely make things easier for retail shop owners who want to buy stuff in bulk. Etsy would serve as the middleman per se, and will provide the means to track the transaction for the parties involved. Anyway, I hope you benefit a lot from this new feature soon!

    Cory Phil @ Front Burner Marketing

  2. Being an etsy wholesaler is such a big break, since lots of opportunities and bigger pond of buyers are waiting. Being in that division is quite advantageous, since you can sell your products to all regular customers, retailers, re-sellers and even to your co-sellers. And, you can also meet more people and can build a better connection that promises more customers and income. Good luck being in this new path, Shannon!

    Forrest Bates @ Brand Marketing Zone

  3. Join Etsy's private, juried marketplace to discover items you can't find anywhere else.

    Lee wells

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  6. As an Etsy seller myself, I've wanted to explore my options for wholesale orders but was still a little intimidated by the process. It is exciting to know that Etsy makes it so easy to sell to interested shops as well as individuals. This is definitely something I plan to look into. Thanks for the tip!

    Lindsey @ Nosto Solutions Ltd