Monday, November 25, 2013


The Oxford Exchange in Tampa is omg amazing.  Sarah, Cami, and I were lucky enough to attend an evening holiday event they planned a couple weeks ago.  We were given a tour along with some history on the building, what an incredible place with it's amazing exposed brick and marble patterned floors.  There are coffee and tea specialists, a delicious sounding breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu, plus a retail shop with carefully selected product lines.  Another plus... you can get married here! Mom and I decided we are going to spend my birthday lunch here next week, I'm really looking forward to going back.  

Thanks so much to the Oxford Exchange for having us! 
If you are in the area and have yet to check this place out, it's time. 



  1. The space is perfect for practically anything you can think of- it's very ritzy but welcoming and comfortable at the same time. The staff is so helpful and super nice.

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