Monday, August 19, 2013


Happy Monday! 
Here are a few little snippets of what has been going on around here lately (and what is to come).  Lots of floral art prints in progress and the beginnings of holiday items.  I've been trying to re-vamp the office and get more organized, my sleepy assistant makes that task more difficult sometimes.  Silly me for thinking that purchasing letter trays would keep her off of my papers. But at least she's cute. 


  1. All of it - beautiful! But I especially like that kitty-cat box accessory on your desk... =)

  2. Hi Shannon,
    I found your lovely flower frame on Pinterest, and tried to draw a similar one for myself. I'm quite new on watercolor painting, so I try to learn by drawing the ones that I admire. I shared mine at Instagram, and I thought I should ask you if you would feel displeased by this. Let me know, if so, I shall delete it.
    If you want to look at, my Instagram account is berrededikyahu.

  3. Oh, by the way, I gave the Pinterest link to your original art :)