Wednesday, May 1, 2013


*Life lately via my instagram*

I guess it looks like all I have been doing is eating sweets and shopping, but I promise that's not true! 
The clothing racks are from a couple recent shoots (wardrobes from Pink & Navy for one and The Kissing Tree Vintage for another).  And it was Hunters birthday last week so cut us some slack on the treats.  I made him pancakes for a birthday breakfast and we had ice cream...twice.  Actually once because the other is frozen yogurt.  And this is how I justify things... Anyways, I also used that pineapple for a shoot...weird but awesome, I know.  It's been quite busy lately and am just so excited about new work (including a few published things!) to come.  I realized I am currently hoarding around NINE recent photo shoots, maybe more, I lost count. I can't wait to photo bomb the crap out of my new website and blog when it's finished.  I have clearing been saving up.  Although, a couple I can't post yet anyways because they will be PUBLISHED. Whoo!! It's going to be good, I promise! 

 Stay tuned and happy wednesday! 

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