Thursday, April 18, 2013


A huge, happy FIRST birthday to Camilyn Beth! 

I'm so proud of my best friend and SO excited for the future of Camilyn Beth.  It has been crazy awesome to be a part of Cami's journey as a designer.  It goes way back to even before we went to fashion school yearrrrs ago!  To watch someone's dreams unfold, especially someone you love and a company you believe in, it's just so inspiring to say the least.  

I have always been excited to see what Cami was going to come up with next.  Even before Camilyn Beth, she has always been bursting with creativity, determination, passion, and excitement for art and fashion.  One thing I have always admired about Cami is her ability to remain positive no matter what.  We all know how hard your first year of business can be, this has been my first too...there were times I complained to her, complained a lot actually, on the verge of tears...she always has something encouraging and uplifting to say.  That optimism and ability to see the best in each situation just adds that much more to the success of her business. 

I always knew she was going to make this dream happen one day.  And well, she has definitely made in happen in a big way.  And in just her first official year!  I am excited to see Camilyn Beth grow and especially to keep dreaming up shoots and ideas alongside my sweet friend.  

The most exciting news of all is the launch of her NEW site today! Hop on over to to see!

Congratulations and... 

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