Friday, March 1, 2013


Snippets of work and life from the past week summed up into five things that made me happy...

1.  Amazing photo shoots from last weekend and excited about these images.
2. Enjoying sweet mornings with family and friends and delicious treats
3. Making my bed even more cozy with new striped sheets 
4.  Afternoon breaks walking to the river with Country Dog
5. Big and exciting painting projects for a wedding this weekend...making that seating chart and those corn hole boards was different and a lot of fun! 

This has been an amazing and busy week.  I'm so thankful for a job that offers such get up and paint and/or take photos everyday for work is the biggest blessing.  To work with friends and clients I love, even better. Creating is my one true passion and hopefully my passion will inspire others along the way.  Looking forward to a new month and new adventures.

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