Friday, February 1, 2013


**Currently making my happy**
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Making myself get up earlier and enjoying slower mornings with my fancy (frothed milk) coffee.  My dad just gave me this iPad mini and I love it!  It's nice to step away from the desk and sit on the couch with my coffee and this guy to browse the web before starting to work.
 A new collection of invitations getting underway.  I do so much custom work, and while I absolutely love that, one of my huge goals for this year was to create a collection to offer that is totally me...let the games begin! 
 I am currently cutting sweets out of my diet for awhile but there is just something that makes me happy about baking.  Since I'm leaving for the weekend (and won't be tempted to eat this) I made a mini sugar cookie cake to leave for Hunter.

 We bought a ton of veggies this past week and keep making amazing sandwiches.  I feel like I have hardly cooked for real.  We've both been really into these. 
Holidays.  I'm a total sucker.  So now that it is February 1st I'm obviously busting out the Valentines decor! 

Have a happy weekend friends, do more of what makes you smile.

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